5 Reasons You Need An Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing A Home!

5 Reasons You Need An Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing A Home!

Purchasing a home is a big decision and it will most likely be the largest single purchase that you make. After years of saving for a deposit, searching for the perfect home and finally purchasing your dream home, its only natural that you want to move in straight away.

Quite often the electrical installation is overlooked and this can lead to issues only being uncovered once you have moved in. Imagine after a long day of moving all your belongings and its time for a nice warm shower, you jump in only to find out…no hot water. The circuit breaker has tripped and it wont reset?

It is recommended to hire a professional electrician to inspect your dream home as they will be able to identify any existing and potential electrical faults.

Please continue reading to see our 5 Reasons You Need An Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing A Home!

1) Cabling Issues

As most electrical wiring and cables are hidden out of sight, through walls, ceilings spaces and subfloors, you never know exactly what has been used. It is common to find VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) installed throughout your new house if it is an old property and though it may seem that nothing is wrong, this cable is a massive electrical hazard as with age, the insulation begins to break down exposing the conductors and creating an electrocution and fire hazard.

Some other issues found are incorrect type of cabling, undersized cabling and substandard installation of cabling.

As the electrical wiring in your home provides the pathway to power all of your lights, outlets and appliances, it is highly important that it has been installed correctly and to the current electrical wiring rules.

2) Electrical Outlets & Switches

Alot of the time, previous owners leave the property in need of repair with the reasoning of “Well we are selling anyway, why spend the money if we don’t need to”.

Over used and extremely outdated electrical outlets and switches have the potential to cause electrocution.

How do you know what works and what does not work? What switch controls which light? All the outlets seem to be hanging loos of the wall!

Some common issues found are cracked switches, burnt out powerpoints, exposed live conductors and incorrect selection of equipment.

A qualified electrician will be able to identify which accessories are in a safe condition and those that require attention.

3) Smoke Alarms

It is well known that smoke alarms save lives. But what good is a smoke alarm if it is not working? Have you checked to see if there are smoke alarms installed?

Smoke alarms are always overlooked regardless if you are buying a house, they are one of the most important electrical items that should be installed. You are twice as likely to pass away from a house fire if you do not have a working smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms are required by law to be installed in every home. A qualified electrician will be able to advise you if your alarms are working, within the use by date (10 years) and if you have the correct amount installed for the size of your home.

4) Safety Switches

If you are buying an older property, there is a high chance that there are no safety switches installed in the switchboard. A safety switch is a device that is designed to protect you from electrocution and fire. They are designed to monitor current flow between the active and neutral conductors in a circuit, and once a change is detected, such as cutting through a cable, the device will trip and cut off the electrical supply.

Safety switches are life saving devices and are our number one recommendation for a safety upgrade. They are now required by law to be installed on every circuit that is under 32 Amps.

If there are safety switches installed, they still could be faulty. It is recommended that a safety switch be tested every 6 months to ensure correct operation.


A standard callout for an electrician can range anywhere from $100 to $180, then add an average hourly rate of $120 and you could be spending thousands of dollars in repairs. By having an electrical inspection, the electrician will be able to identify any issues before they occur.

For example, if you were to get an electrical inspection and the qualified electrician identifies a faulty safety switch, they could easily replace it on the same day for as little as $200.

Now, if you did not get an electrical inspection and the same faulty safety switch cuts off your power during a weekend family bbq and you urgently need it fixed. An after hours/weekend callout and repair could cost you close to $600, possibly more!!

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