Safety Switches (Residual Current Devices)

Safety Switches are essential electrical devices that provide protection against electrocution in your home or business. They monitor the flow of current through the circuit and will trip when a fault is detected. What is a safety switch? Residual Current Devices, commonly known as a ‘Safety Switch’ are electrical devices installed on a circuit for […]

Welcome To The Danjac Electrical Group Blog!

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our page and taking the time to look at our blog. Here you will find information, tips and design ideas to help you with your electrical projects. How will this blog help you? We will provide information across a range of posts including information on common products that are installed […]

Smoke Alarms!

Smoke alarms are an essential safety device that are required to be installed in your home, they are designed to alert you in the event of a fire. Under Division 7A of Part 9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, smoke alarms must be installed in all buildings in NSW where people sleep. […]

5 Reasons You Need An Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing A Home!

Purchasing a home is a big decision and it will most likely be the largest single purchase that you make. After years of saving for a deposit, searching for the perfect home and finally purchasing your dream home, its only natural that you want to move in straight away. Quite often the electrical installation is […]

5 Common Electrical Problems In Your Home

When it comes to the electrical installation in your household, your safety is the highest priority. From flickering lights caused by loose switches to overloading circuits, take a read through these common electrical problems that may be present in your home. 1. Loose, Cracked & Burnt Switches & Outlets This may be the most common […]